Suspended LED Plants

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Living in urban environments, we are surrounded by concrete, traffic, noise and pollution. This is not healthy. It has a profound impact on our physical and mental wellness. Greenery softens this hard environment, acting as a tonic to ease stress and fatigue. Green walls provide a substantial and spiritual connection to nature which is missing in the modern concrete jungle.

Studies have shown that simply having a view of greenery increases workplace productivity. Furthermore, having plants indoors reduces symptoms of discomfort. This decreases the number of days off due to “sickness.” Gardens that are incorporated into hospitals calm patients leading to the improvement in clinical outcomes and shortened stays. Air quality is an important aspect of health and wellness and plants have been proven to filter and remove toxins. They also add energy rich oxygen. With each additional plant these benefits are multiplied. A green wall, with thousands of plants, therefore has a major positive impact.

People feel more relaxed and less stressed around greenery according to scientific reports carried out at American and European Universities, simply having a view of plants in a working environment give positive physiological responses. This translates intro greater employee sufficiency which results in increased earnings for a company.

We, at MODO, can design the suspended LED Illuminated Flora according to your space. Our team offers customized interior design and furniture. We’d love to have you visit our showroom at 55 Unit 1C Seacrest Bldg., Sen. Gil Puyat Ave., Pasay City.

The Touch Switch Technology

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A touch switch is a type of switch that has to be touched in order to operate or function. It is commonly used in lighting fixture with dimming control which can be seen in hotel rooms and restaurants.

Perks of Having a Touch Switch

The way engineers and designers approach touch switches has changed over the years, because of the things that it can bring to an area;









Visual Appeal

Its aesthetically-pleasing and professional-looking external appearance is now making waves in the world of interior design. Touch switches usually come in black or white with easy-to-use touch controls. The high degree of design freedom it gives to designers plus its slim body makes it a perfect replacement for the usual pushbutton switches.


Every buck you spent on investing for touch switches is money well spent. Its technology is way above your common switches as it can withstand environmental conditions, such as waterproofing and enduring high temperatures – resulting in longer operational lifespan.

Taking Care of Your Switch

Cleaning and maintaining its look over the years will never be a problem. Its flat glass-like body can be cleaned using a dry cloth.


Switching on something new like the touch switch is not to be afraid of. Talk to the MODO team if you want to find out more about the advantages it can bring to your home.

A Kitchen Concept Coming to Life – Buffet Style

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A Kitchen Concept Coming to Life

To serious chefs & cooks, the most exhausting part about cooking buffet style is that you need to prepare everything in the workstation, such as cooking equipment and needed ingredients, to have a smooth workflow environment. This matters to hotel kitchen staffs, catering services and for people who simply loves cooking at home. MODO introduces the SAVA Modular Catering System, a cooking table that allows chefs & cooks to prepare and serve freshly cooked food while keeping it hot and presentable for food lovers.

Buffet Module 3 Buffet Module 4

Easy to Setup

The SAVA Modular Catering System is a light and versatile kitchen eqipment which you can transfer from one place to another. It is a product of stainless steel hairline finish which reflects as a cloudy mirror giving the kitchen workstation a clean, good look. The product follows a ‘minimalist design’ meaning it is made to make the food prepared on it standout in the area.

No Wasted Heat

Unlike the typical buffet modules used in catering and buffet restaurants, the SAVA Modular Catering System features 3-induction cooktops where you can prepare or heat the food anytime to keep the food hot and fresh for the customers. With the induction cooker technology, energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel for precision cooking, and is nowadays considered the best replacement for gas stoves.

Safe Cooking

No more burned hands or fingers for you and the people around you. Its induction cooktop stays cool; that means no burns and less kitchen accidents. This is one essential factor to consider when it comes to serving buffet style of food to  – especially if there will be children in the area.

Buffet Module 1 Buffet Module 2

Customizable for Events & Special Occasions

Showing the audience live cooking and food presentation is one thing, but making the equipment itself customizable to create a visual feast is another story. This gives the SAVA Modular Catering System an advantage as it can turn from a basic kitchen equipment into a LED illuminated kitchen equipment which can bring life & elegance to the area – a perfect way of showing your love and appreciation to the people who patronize and eat the food you prepare.

Summing It Up

The SAVA Modular Catering System is perfect not just for hotels and catering services, but also for home foodies who simply wish to enjoy preparing food for the ones they love. The product will be featured in The Ballroom Hall of Pan Pacific Hotel in the Philippines in September 2016.

The Start

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The Start

MODO is all about bringing new and original interior collections of lighting and home furniture. The brands MODO, Modobed, Modoti, and Modoline has merged into an International Corporation named MODOGROUP SYSTEMS INC. A Group of Companies catering mainly to the interior and exterior needs for hospitality, corporate, and the private sector. With foreign partners, the MODOGROUP caters both to local and international clients and projects.

The brand name came from the Latin word MODO which may either mean “only” or “just now”. that is where the founder and President of MODOGROUP Systems Inc., Arie Willard, started off – by creating items made exclusively for imaginative and creative individuals.

The MODO showroom is located in the heart of Pasay City showcasing the recent works crafted by the team.


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