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The Latin word MODO has many meanings mainly, now, just now, new, something new.
MODO is all about bringing a new and trendy interior collections of original and unique designs.

Modoled, Modobed, Modoti, and Modoline has merged into a International Corporation named MODOGROUP SYSTEMS INC. A Group of Companies catering mainly to the interior and exterior needs for the Hospitality, Corporate, and the Private sector. With our foreign partners we cater to local and International projects.

MODOGROUP, for all your Interior and Architectural needs, our in-house Architects, Interior and Lighting designers will guide you from Design to finishing, incorporating the best available environmental friendly materials available in the market today.

MODOGROUP is a universe of perspectives driven by design. Attuned to the evolving needs of our clients, industry and world culture, we work together to create distinctive environments that are defining the future of luxury.

From a simple interior renovation or architectural plan, at MODO we partner with our clients to help them define and achieve their visions that extends well beyond the traditional boundaries of design.

Design and Production Team

MODOGROUP has a great team from design to production and sales. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you.
The team strives to design and create only the best product with materials of the highest quality. We, the design team, always consider functionality and the uniqueness of our products and design. From concept to applications, we always strive to render service and deliver products that best suit our clients’ needs.


    MODOGROUP products are handcrafted by talented and skilled craftsmen. And can be installed by basic hand tools.

Our Team are associate with the following professionals to ensure our product quality and integrity.

We’ve been part of the following establishments in creating such exceptional, sophisticated, and revolutionary interiors, undoubtedly astounding:

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